The Series

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It is the last bastion of the American Dream, where family values rule, community thrives, safety is assured everyone keeps the faith.  Where boys will be boys and girls just want to have fun.  A supercharged playland of guns, gasoline, and low, low prices, where the pursuit of happiness never ends and freedom means never leaving.

This is County State USA…

County State USA begins at the end with the demise of a young hero, Linus Speltz, as he attempts to buck fate by robbing the local bank.  In each subsequent episode we meet the residents of the County and see how the conventions, foibles, contrivances and contradictions of life in rural 21st century America conspire to bring Linus to a grisly end.

Told in an unconventional style, County State USA is modeled on the idea of a rock album – an anthology of 14 short films (around 23 minutes) woven together into an impressionistic idea with the first and last episodes showing the same day from different perspectives.

Like a rock album, County State USA is intended to be more than just a story – it is intended to be experienced, with each film complementing and contrasting with the previous.  Eschewing traditional narrative chronology, County State USA instead drifts and hops backward through the four seasons preceding the robbery, showing how each character’s struggles and choices ripple through the County and impact Linus.