On Collaboration

From Chad Gilman 

Jonathan and I have been working on stories together for nearly twenty years.  We like stories centered on characters that aren’t remarkable, aren’t talented, and aren’t special.  They are characters experiencing and struggling with existence as it is in their own corner of the world.  We like to find them, and wonder with them, feel with them, be shocked by them, and, in the end, understand them.

In order to develop characters Jon and I talk about people.  People we see on the street, people we know intimately, people we’ve know in the past, people we’d like to know… And then we talk about situations.  Where can we put these people that they’ll reveal their inner character?

On each project we have our primary responsibilities – Chad writes, Jon films.  From idea to premier however, we are in constant contact, offering ideas, criticism and honesty – both of us committed to connecting characters to the audience through story.  You may not like every character, but you will understand them.

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