County State USA: Sweet Corn


After robbing the town bank and having his quick-change plans fall apart, a local teen carjacks a hapless farmer selling sweet corn on the side of the road.  As they attempt to get out of dodge the farmer decides to help the teen escape and stick it to the very bank that is foreclosing on his property.  A series of obstructions force them to go back through town where the teen has to trust that the farmer’s aw shucks image can camouflage his bad seed reputation and erase any suspicion. Sweet Corn is the final chapter in the longer series, County State USA.

Told in an unconventional style, County State USA is modeled on the idea of a quilt – an anthology of 13 films (around 30 minutes) woven together into an impressionistic idea.

Like a quilt, County State USA is intended to be more than just a story – it is intended to be experienced, with each film complementing and contrasting with the previous.  County State USA drifts through the four seasons preceding the robbery, showing how each character’s struggles and choices ripple through the County.


County State USA: Sweet Corn toured the world at some of the best International Film Festivals out there. Here’s a partial list: Clermont-Ferrand, Short Shorts and Asia International , Krakow International, Cairo International, Newport Beach International, HollyShorts, Midwest Independent, and over 20 others.

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*** The film is in color.  Don’t move your cursor off the movie window or it’ll go b&w.  Fixing that now…

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